Test certificates

Remote certification for testing infrastructure

DOCert is an IT system for issuing and distributing central electronic certificates used in the NBP IT systems.
Remote Certification System (SZOC 2.0), which is available at www.docert.nbp.pl, is part of the DOCert system. It enables users to generate and renew certificates on users’ workstations without the need to visit NBP Current version of "SZOC" was made in Java Web Start Technology, it's available for users through "kontrolka.jnlp" application, which run on local user workstation after downloading from DOCert website. You need to have the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed in 1.7 version or higher to run "SZOC" application.

Cerificates may be generated in two ways:

  1. Based on a one-time code received from NBP, in which case the User does not need any certificate issued in the DOCert system.
    Note: this functionality is available only in selected IT systems.
  2. Based on the User’s certificate of the DOCert system – in this case the User needs to have a PFX file containing cryptographic keys and the certificate. In addition, the certificate has to be valid and may not have been revoked.

Before using DOCert system certificates, please install the following CCK certificate:

NBP CCK TEST 2 - (crt, 2 kB)

Information !!!

You need to have the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed. JVM is available free of charge at: www.java.com/www.java.com

Instructions for the remote recertification system

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